Why NAGIC? This must be the first question in selecting your golf driving range mat suppliers. And here, we are going to answer this question. First of all, thank you for visiting our website and looking into NAGIC golf driving range mats. I am the sales manager, Tommy Lee.

Since I started working at NAGIC, I have kept thinking about how NAGIC can better support our regular clients' businesses to grow in their markets. And there is one idea coming to my mind: by sharing our knowledge of golf mats. Through short lessons below, I'd like you to know more about golf driving range mats, like how they're produced, what kinds of materials which we and other vendors usually use, and what make NAGIC products high quality. So even though you haven't been our distributors yet, I recommend you read through each class, which will not only let you know more about NAGIC golf driving range mats, but also gain knowledge you require to be in this business.

Hope you will enjoy these short lessons and really learn things about the product, so you can relate to your golf driving range customers, other prospects, and even give us an opportunity to be your partner in the future. Wish you all the best!




Mat Structures

Grass Yarns

Foam Pads

Gluing Process