Golf Mat

NAGIC provides five categories of golf mat. They are Range Mat, Golf Tee Line, Mat system, Small Hitting Mat and Simulator Hitting Mat. All of NAGIC golf mat product lines are made of premium nylon yarns and produced through NAGIC production process for quality control and excellent performance. To know more about what make NAGIC products high quality, please click here.

Range Mat

Range Mat - Golf MatNAGIC aims to be your one-stop shop by providing 6 items of golf range mats in standard 1.5 x 1.5m size. They cover all the items you need for your driving range customers. More importantly, we don’t sacrifice product quality to supply too many items, because we understand “customer satisfaction” is still our priority to grow with your business.

Mat System

Mat System - Golf Mat

Only a few kinds of grass yarns can’t satisfy all golfers and driving ranges’ requirements. And that’s why we provide “Mat System.” A mat system generally comes with a mat keeper, a ball tray, a stance mat and a hitting mat. For NAGIC mat system, we develop a special design of mat keeper and offer most various options of hitting strips.

Golf Tee Line

Golf Tee Line- Golf MatNAGIC golf tee line is one of most durable golf mat products. Rather than using normal weak SBR coating, NAGIC uses our exclusive PU automatic gluing solution for strength performance. NAGIC golf tee line’s dense fibers allow golfers to use normal tees. Soft and flat 5mm cushion base make the turf easier for installation and comfortable to play on it.

Small Hitting Mat

Small Hitting Mat - Golf fMatSmall hitting mat is widely used in golf driving ranges in Japan, Korea, and parts of Southeast Asia, where range owners get accustomed to putting small piece of golf mat into a rubber base. According to this preference, NAGIC develops a special golf mat with only straight yarns to have excellent cushion performance but still can be fit into a rubber base. 

Simulator Hitting Mat

Even good software still can’t bring its value into full play with a bad simulator hitting mat. Thus, you should not undervalue its importance in installing your golf facilities. In order to offer the best to our customers, NAGIC launches our simulator hitting mat. It is designed with not only the beautiful fairway-look stripe turf but 100% premium nylon straight yarns.